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How much should I save?

It can be a difficult question, especially if you have to answer it all by yourself. Now, you don’t have to. Your employer made a wise choice, trusting your retirement planning and administration to FMi; now, let FMi and its years of experience help you take control, and determine the best options to meet your personal goals.

FMi offers several tools to help you build a flourishing retirement account. It starts with access to information. Our Learning Center is filled with Frequently Asked Questions and we offer amenities like regular newsletters and financial calculators to make sure you’re keeping on track. Our secure website provides access to your personal account; once inside, you have access to plan-wide information including account balances, statements on demand, investment performance reviews, facts sheets and, most importantly, the ability to trade, transfer and rebalance your portfolio on any market day.

And rest assured: You can always contact FMi for personalized service. Another way FMi helps guide you through the maze or retirement plan options.



You’ve earned it. Now, bring it home! A lifetime of work, that’s your legacy. But what’s your reward?

Planning your retirement properly is critical to enjoying it fully. Traveling, golfing, relaxing, providing security for the next generation or just spoiling the grandkids rotten – whatever your goal, you’ll never reach it without careful planning now.

You need the best in your corner: the best consultants, the best technology, the best resources and the best plan administration. You need FMi.

To start learning the ropes of life after work, visit our exhaustive Learning Center here. This fantastic resource addresses many of your questions about retirement planning – and helps you think of questions you hadn’t even considered!


FMi Retirement Planning Services

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FMi Retirement Planning Services

How much money will I need in retirement?

It's different for everyone. Visit our learning center to find out what will work best for you.

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